Amazon Netherlands is now live

Amazon Netherlands is now live has joined the Pan EU party and is now another marketplace distribution channel for sellers. 

The Amazon Pan EU network is fantastic for FBA sellers. A seller can simply enrol in the programme by having an active listing in each EU marketplace ‘UK, DE, IT, FR, ES and now NL’ send your stock to a single fulfilment centre and the magic of the Amazon algorithm will do the rest. Amazon will move stock around Europe based on demand trends to enable more prime availability right where it is needed to boost sales in each marketplace. When it comes to returns, Amazon will amalgamate all of the returns and send them back to your home marketplace return address and all of this is done without any additional fees to you. 

A couple of important points to consider, ensure VAT registration compliance across all of the marketplaces and any other territories where your goods are fulfilled from. You can alter settings to restrict storage of your goods in places like Poland and the Czech Republic to minimise registrations but if you want the broadest reach possible ‘and the most sales as a consequence’ it is best to conform and register EU wide. It is also important to ensure you have sufficient stock in order to ensure a healthy inventory score and thus limit the chance of sales throttle. 

There won’t be any new fulfilment centres in Holland initially and goods will be fulfilled from Germany and France but will all be eligible for prime offerings. 

Although Dutch customers have been able to shop from Amazon Germany and/or France historically we do expect to see an uptick in Dutch Amazon shopping as the culture is already one of e-com. Some orders will cannibalise existing EU orders, but we expect to see a greater overall appetite for Amazon offers. The Netherlands site will also be accessible for Belgian customers. 

There are Brand tools such as A+ content but sponsored ads are not expected to be available until Q4. This new marketplace is an ideal place to showcase your brand before the masses join the party therefore it is imperative to get in early and establish your brand in your selling category and get to know to the Dutch consumers.