Why is an Amazon store front so important?

Why is an Amazon store front so important?

Amazon store front is a tool that we have been using for the past few years and is become increasingly important for our business on Amazon. To put into perspective 10% of all listing traffic go onto view the brand store page.

Storefronts are available in nearly all geographical marketplaces and is less restrictive than A+ content in terms of being a feature that is available globally.

In order to get started with your brand store, simply ensure you are signed up with a professional seller account and then enrol your brand within the Amazon Brand Registry.

Following this you are able to create an Amazon store front. An Amazon store front is a bit like having your own website other than it is nestled within the amazon platform. I could foresee a time when some brands may even skip a traditional website and go straight for an Amazon webstore and social channels for brand content. Amazon increasingly promote their accelerator programme which involves them encouraging sellers to restrict their brands as exclusive to Amazon. By doing so they acquire the brand for a set fee. As a consequence, we may start seeing a lot more private Amazon brands relying on their storefront page as their website.

Amazon storefront is a drag and drop content system for content block and product grids. Full navigation menus can be created just like a traditional website. Amazon encourage sellers to showcase visual rich content and promote the brand as much as possible rather than being as product focused as the rest of the platform.

Once your store is live, like any website or digital page, getting traffic to your new Amazon Store Front is the crucial task in terms of turning clicks into cash. Amazon Sponsored Brands is ideal in order to drive traffic to your store. Similar to sponsored products this is a keyword targeted PPC system which allows you to show multiple products in one advert along with your brand logo which will send your potential customer to a page on your web store. The benefit of this over a sponsored product ad is that the destination page can feature brand rich content to make your product stand out compared to a standard detail page. Another way of driving traffic is to create brand adverts to appear on listings which you choose, simply select the competitor ASIN numbers you wish to be present and visible on and ensure it is in your campaign.

Word of caution: As always Amazon ads can get very expensive very quickly so either ensure a professional is analysing and working on the ads or ensure you are actively monitoring and optimizing. See a link here to the TORRO UK storefront to see an example of storefront in action.