Our catalogue specialists will ensure your product listings are consistent, accurate and optimised in every marketplace. You will then have a strong foundation from which to grow your brand.

Catalogue services

Your Amazon catalogue is your prime touchpoint for Amazon customers, so it’s crucial to create the correct first impression. A poor catalogue can deter customers before they even click through to your product page. A healthy catalogue can obtain Amazon customers and increase organic search visibility and conversion.

We offer a full range of catalogue services, and we accommodate project-based requests. Please see below for some of the more common services that we do for our clients:

Digital content creation

PICOM make product listings come to life thanks to our digital creative team who specialise in product photography and where required, videography. In addition to creating your white background images, our creatives can curate a lifestyle setting in order to optimise your conversion chances. If you require support with graphic design for your brand, logo or Amazon storefront, our team can take care of this too allowing you to take care of business.

Intellectual Property Infringement

If an unauthorized competitor is listing against your branded ASINs and could be jeopardising the customer trust that you have worked so hard to build – as well as taking sales that should be yours. If you own the Intellectual Property of your brand, then we can help you to quickly remove unauthorized offers from multiple competitors on multiple ASINs.

Catalogue upload

We can upload your product catalogue to Amazon so that you can start selling quickly from one ASIN to multiple ASINs.  

ASIN Optimisation

We want to understand your brand inside out, to be able for us to do this we will review your existing ASINs and research your market segment on Amazon. Depending on your requirements, we will make improvements and recommendations to both the front and backend of your ASINs to increase your conversion, discoverability, and brand on Amazon.