Connect with your customer base across the world by ensuring your products are tailored to them, in their marketplace. Our multi-lingual team can help you do this.


Expanding your business internationally can often seem like a daunting task, especially when other languages are involved. Here at PICOM we pride ourselves at having an international team, who can provide personal and customised translations first-hand, without having to depend on often faulty online translations. This is vitally important when creating your listings on other marketplaces.

Creating the listings:

We will take your existing listings from the UK marketplace, and with our international team in place we can recreate that listing in another marketplaces.


Creating listings in another language takes more than just getting the correct translation, you need to adapt the listing to each specific marketplace. Our experience in building international listings will help you with these subtle differences, making sure we strike the right balance between providing enough information whilst at the same time keeping it relevant for each specific country.

Pan EU Support:

As a global company, Amazon has support teams in every country, all using different languages. Some functions in Amazon Seller Central are only supported in the local language, and our international team can help bridge the gap to get in touch with their customer service, getting more detailed and better-informed replies to your requests.

EU VAT Support

Similar to Pan EU Support, our team can help with understanding the local VAT regulations, which may seem complicated if you do not understand the language. We will be able to assist with any queries you might have.