We have years of experience in Amazon PPC advertising, returning millions of pounds in revenue from Sponsored Product campaigns. With our help, you can do the same.

pay-per-click services

PICOM have been using the Amazon sponsored advertisement console since its inception. If you require some general advice, please see our blog post about sponsored ads.

The amazon ad console can be daunting, complicated and expensive if not handled correctly. Our team of experts can create and manage your ads for a simple and straightforward 10% of ad spend. We are so confident of results that we do not tie clients into any term agreements.

Our team will:

  • Set up your sponsored brand / product / display campaigns.
  • Optimise bids on a regular basis.
  • Make use of all tactical option including auto / manual campaigns. Make best use of loose, close, substitute and complement term matching.
  • Regular removal of bogus search terms.
  • Optimise for results based on your business objects whilst always remaining focused on ROI.

With years of experience, we make intuitive judgement on which tactics to deploy using all of the available tools. We use real people to make these adjustments and monitor your campaigns rather than allow any generic software. With our intimate knowledge of your brand and products we are able to use this data coupled with our console expertise to achieve best results which are tailored to your products.