Amazon Storefront

Amazon Storefront

Having an Amazon storefront is known to increase conversion rate. Our experienced Amazon team can build your Amazon Storefront for you, maximising your Amazon growth potential.

Amazon storefront

Amazon Store is becoming increasingly important to all businesses on Amazon. It can drive a crucial number of customers to view your whole catalogue. It is like a mini website just for your brand nestled in on one of the biggest platforms! Full navigation menus can be created just like a traditional website so more and more companies are opting for this over a standard website which comes with their own overheads.

Storefronts are available in nearly all geographical marketplaces and is less restrictive than A+ content in terms of being a feature that is available globally.

Amazon encourage sellers to showcase visual rich content and promote the brand as much as possible rather than being as product focused as the rest of the platform.

A Store Front benefits from being linked to the PPC system which is the landing page for brand advertisement. Banner adverts linked to specific product search terms can direct traffic to your content rich and informative brand store. This can showcase the target product as well as linked offerings from your company to provide additional information which will assist in assuring the customer that they are making a good purchasing choice and assist with the conversion.

Our team can help you:

  • Build your brand store.
  • Categorise your product groups for intuitive navigation.
  • Create rich visual and graphical content.
  • Highlight promotions and discounts.
  • Drive traffic through PPC brand advertising.